A soil report contains soil samples taken from your land. Our engineer needs to test the soil to classify the type of soil being used to provide the right footing system for your home.

We are willing to recommend a local supplier that will create a landscape to your liking.

We can design & build your house to comply with a 6 star energy efficiency rating.

We design & build your house to encompass fengshui principles. Please ask our builders the possibility available.

We have two packages, a standard inclusion package and a deluxe package. Each of these packages are customizable to suit customers. Please enquire today!

Recycled water is used for flushing toilets and watering your garden.

We can always customize the cavity according to your fridge dimension. Please provide the dimension to our sales consultant.

Depending on individual contract we can include demolition.

We can help you subdivide the land before construction start. Our team will be able to help your speed up this process.

You will have direct access to the builder. When it comes down to changes we are also very flexible, however it depends on what stages the construction is in and also each changes may result in delay and variation of the project.

When it comes down to custom home, there is no builder like us, we will personalize each build, We will cater to whatever needs our client wants.

We do accommodate to client who has special disability needs, we will try our best to design a home that will fit your lifestyle and needs

We have major experience when it comes to building indoor pool or outdoor. We have work with most major pool subcontractor, we will be happy to work with your preferred subcontractor.

We have install many homes that require lift, whether it is for disability needs or convenience we are here to help build your home. We have work hand in hand with several of Australia top lift supplier.

Unlike your typical builder, we have had experience in a range of luxury builds and relations with specialized subcontractor and suppliers. Whether you are a sport enthusiast or just want to get fit, we have build it all from state of the art gym, tennis court, basketball court, indoor golf courses and others. Let us know what you need and we will cater to your needs.

Years of construction and having build a range of complex high end homes, On & On pride itself on attention to detail and quality.

Having build multiple french and hampton design house, we have our own design expert that is willing to advice and design the house of your dream